UTI home remedy

Are you looking for a UTI home remedy or natural remedies for a urinary tract infection?  Bladder infections are the absolute worst!  If you’re a woman, chances are you’ve either had one in your lifetime or you’re going to get one.  Let me start by saying that if you think you have a UTI you should go see your doctor both to get tested as well as to get a prescription for antibiotics to get rid of it.  Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, there are also some home remedies UTI that you can use to help you both prevent them as well as deal with them once you have them.

Nature has created two wonderful plants to help us ladies out with bladder infections.  One is a fruit and one is a vegetable.  So when your mom says “eat your fruits and vegetables” she’s giving you good advice.


First up is the gorgeous asparagus.  If you don’t like asparagus but you get a lot of UTIs are a looking for a UTI home remedy, learn to like it!  What asparagus has going for it is sulfur.  It’s the stuff that makes your pee smell funny after you’ve eaten asparagus.  That same stuff (the sulfur) is going to help kill off all of the nasty bacteria that are currently colonizing in your bladder and urinary tract and giving you an infection.  I even heard that in Germany when women get urinary tract infections doctors prescribe that they buy five cans of asparagus and eat a whole can each day.  While here in the States it’s not a traditionally accepted cure (you’ll want to see your doctor), you can help yourself out with a can of canned asparagus a day until it’s gone.  You’ll want to eat the entire contents of the can AND drink the juice or water in the can.  A lot of the sulfur will have leeched out into the water, so don’t just throw it away.

I can tell you from experience that it’s not entirely pleasant to eat a whole can of asparagus plus drink the water at one sitting, but for those of us who know the agony of having a UTI, you know that you’re probably willing to try anything.  You will feel a little bloated, but it will help.  I’ve used this method from that first onset feeling where you know you’re about to get hit with a bladder infection, and I’ve managed to stave it off without needing antibiotics.  So if you feel a UTI coming on, run to the market and buy a few cans of canned asparagus.  You’ll be glad you did.


The second natural remedy for a UTI is the beautiful red cranberry.   Anyone who’s eaten a cranberry on its own knows that pucker face because these guys are TART! These acidic little berries rock because not only do they help once you’ve got a urinary tract infection, but they can actually help to prevent them!  Scientists used to think that it was just the acidity of the berries that helped to kill off bacteria in the bladder and urinary tract, but studies have proven that it goes further than that.  They actually change the structure of e.coli bateria so that they have a harder time latching onto the bladder and starting an infection in the first place.  Normally the structure of e.coli has little hooks on the end which help them “grab on” to the urinary tract or bladder and that’s when an infection gets started.  But there’s something about the cranberries that causes the e.coli to literally change their structure so that their hooks become rounded.  With rounded ends, it’s hard for them to get a hold and start and infection to begin multiplying.  Instead they just get swept out of your system when you pee, and presto, no UTI.

So if you think you’ve already got a UTI, see a doctor.  But if you’re looking for natural remedies for UTI to help prevent them or to compliment traditional medicine then give asparagus and cranberries a try.

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